Started in 2005 as a manufacturing unit for sports wears. Concentrating on sports wears, uniforms as well as wholesale suppliers, nowattained a big name in and around vellore district. Now the unit had grown to employee strength of 40 and more. We maintain a stringent quality principle to produce sports wear at par with leading brands sports wear in the retail market.


Due to lot of physical activity involved in the game of badminton and Peoples health conscious to be physically fit made sudden growth in the game of badminton. Cricket, usually the game of mass had given the way to badminton. A strong revolution in the game of badminton took place in tamilnadu from 2004. Striving demand for badminton goods made us to establish POPULAR BADMINTON SHOPPE as a separate entity in 2007



We have experience in selling fitness products over a decade, Initially started to sell these products from 2000 in POPULAR SPORTS. At time only few fitness equipments manufacturers and dealers are available. Due to change in importers policy, fitness equipments started to flow into the Indian market from china, Taiwan, UK and USA.Obviously it necessitated us to start a new separate firm for fitness equipments in 2008.Now fitness industry is fast growing and will have regular demand in future.